Eyes on the Ave containR Installation


Eyes on the Ave: October 2016 –  August 31, 2017
This is your Calgary.
This is your Forest Lawn.

Eyes on the Ave was a collaborative partnership between Antyx Community Arts, Springboard Performance’s containR art park initiative, and IAACC’s initiative. Antyx and their team of young photographers produced the photography of residents in the Forest Lawn Area.

Springboard provided their pop-up-containers-as-art expertise in creating public spaces for creative expression and enjoyment. IAACC provided the containers and the location: exploring spaces and places where arts and community come into play!

Special thanks to the many faces that comprise our communities, The Smile Gang, The City of Calgary, and The Calgary Foundation.

For more information about the next stop for the containRs, visit Springboard Performance

The Photos: Antyx and Eyes on the Ave

Youth collected portraits from people in Greater Forest Lawn and at the same time collected photos from people outside the area with the goal of asking this question: What does your Calgary Look like? What does your community look like? Can you actually differentiate a person from Greater Forest Lawn by looking at them? This piece breaks down barriers between communities and strangers and shows the vibrancy and pride of International Avenue!  MORE ABOUT ANTYX

Containers as Community Hub: Springboard Performance

Eyes on the Ave brings the expertise of Springboard Performance who created the containR Art Park in Sunnyside –  a pop-up arts and culture hub for people of all ages, championing a 100-mile diet of creative community ideas. containR is the first city permitted Art Park in Calgary, developed with partner Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association on the corner of 9th Street and 2nd Avenue NW. We are pleased to welcome Springboard’s support with the installation of the Eyes on the Ave containers at the ARCH site. Springboard is a non-profit organization devoted to connecting artists, mediums, audiences, the body and the mind through physical contemporary creation and public space manipulation.  MORE ABOUT SPRINGBOARD

Applying photos with wheat paste

Applying photos with wheat paste




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