Globalfest Parking

Globalfest Parking is one of IAACC’s largest fundraising events of the year. Each year in partnership with the City of Calgary and Rona- home & garden, IAACC is able to raise fund for local artists and youth programming in the Greater Forest Lawn area.


How can you help?

You can support the local artists & youth programming by purchasing a ticket to park on one of IAACC’s lots. Your support will help children learn how to play a musical instrument, help send a child to camp and help promote a growing community of local artists.


Hubalta Road: entrance 52nd Street & Hubulta road ($20 per car)

Rona Parking lot: entrance one of 2 Rona parking lot entrances off 52nd street near hubalta road ($15 per car)

Acceptable methods of payment:

Cash, Credit


IAACC operates every night of Globalfest. 2018 is scheduled to be: Aug 16, 18, 21, 23, 25.

To purchase your Globalfest entry tickets and keep up to date on changes due to weather, visit the Globalfest website.


**Reminder: Globalfest tickets do not gain you access to the IAACC private parking lot fundraiser. IAACC’s parking fundraiser is a separate entity from the Globalfest festival.