Artist In Residency Program

The “Artist in Residency” program provides opportunities for Artists to develop new disciplines that enhance their portfolio.

-This program is sponsored by IAACC in partnership with FUSE33 Makerspace.

As a selected “Artist In Residence”, you will receive a full three month membership and one certification workshop at FUSE 33 at no cost to you.

As an “Artist In Resident”, you are asked to:

  • Acknowledge IAACC’s sponsorship on your website and art exhibits during the residency
  • Exhibit your art in an IAACC & FUSE33 hosted exhibition
  • Complete a survey and a short summary of your experience in the program
  • Provide photographs of your work for use on IAACC’s website
  • Permit IAACC to list you as a current “Artist in Residence” on the organization’s website
  • Accept IAACC’s terms and conditions agreement

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Artist in Residency now CLOSED.

Artist in Residency Bios

Michele Atkinson
Michele Atkinson

Michele Atkinson is an internationally awarded artist and designer creating contemporary glasswork based on her own evolving relationship with the land which she stewards.

Maya Corona
Maya Corona

Maya was born and raised in Mexico City, now living in Calgary, AB, Canada, where she rediscovered her passion for art.

Katie Heinrich
Katie Heinrich

Katie Heinrich graduated from AuArts with a BFA majoring in glass. She loves working with glass; a love that started when she was a teen. Glass is a material that is great at replicating the visual qualities of many other materials, it can convey a quality of plasticity or rigid fragility.

2020 Artists in Residency recipients video