Past Initiatives

The Calgary Multicultural Orchestra (CMO) program was adopted by IAACC in 2009.

CMO is based on the program developed in Venezuela called El Sistema.

It provides free programming for youth to develop musical, social and emotional skills.

CMO brought fine arts to the youth of East Calgary! However, after 10 years of fostering this program, CMO has become a nonprofit organization of its own! IAAC is thrilled to see them flourish on their own. For more information on CMO visit their website: or 403-660-6283

GleeCalgary was an afterschool program for youth to learn vocals and dance through the El Sistema method. GleeCalgary operated for 4 years as a free program for youth in Greater Forest Lawn.

Dancing with the Calgary Stars Gala (2017 & 2018)

IAAC Partnered with Calgary Dance Foundation to host an event of Culture, Food, Dance and entertainment. For more information on the Calgary Dance Foundation or their upcoming Gala:


A multi-organizational partnership which featured an evening of multicultural dance, singing, musical compositions as well as an Art Exhibit featuring local artists at the Jubilee Auditorium

A TASTE OF CULTURES (2012 & 2013)

A multi-organizational partnership which featured multicultural foods, exhibits and entertainment at the Forest Lawn Library