Supporting IAACC is as easy as becoming an IAACC Member!

Being an IAACC Member, perks include:

  • Supporting arts & cultural programming in Greater Forest Lawn
  • Receive and electronic member card
  • Invitation to the Annual General Meeting and other special events
  • Electing members to be IAACC’s Board of Directors, the steering committee of the organization
  • Quarterly newsletter: including what IAACC has been doing, upcoming events, arts & cultural opportunities and more
  • NEW: 15% Discount at Fuse33 Makerspace

To Become an IAACC Member, simply click the link below and complete the form

  • Membership is FREE (18 yrs +)
  • IAACC keeps a confidential database of members
  • Membership is on an annual basis Sept 1 – Aug 30