Artist In Residency Sponsorship Program

The “Artist in Residency” program provides opportunities for Artists to develop new disciplines that enhance their portfolio.

-This program is sponsored by IAACC in partnership with FUSE33 Makerspace.

As a selected “Artist In Residence”, you will receive a full three month membership and one certification workshop at FUSE 33 at no cost to you.

As an “Artist In Resident”, you are asked to:

  • Acknowledge IAACC’s sponsorship on your website and art exhibits during the residency
  • Exhibit your art in an IAACC & FUSE33 hosted exhibition
  • Complete a survey and a short summary of your experience in the program
  • Provide photographs of your work for use on IAACC’s website
  • Permit IAACC to list you as a current “Artist in Residence” on the organization’s website
  • Accept IAACC’s terms and conditions agreement
  • At the end of the residency, 1 artist is selected as IAACC Resident Artist. To learn more, visit our Resident Artist Page.

Applications for the Spring are CLOSED. Fall applications begin in July.

Spring 2024 Artists in Residency Sponsorship Program Recipients

Anahita Mosayebi

As an interdisciplinary artist born in Iran, Anahita’s work explores the intricate connections between art, craft, and design. Drawing inspiration from architecture, emotions, and the human sensorial experience, she blurs the lines between these disciplines, studying the interplay between control and spontaneity and the elusive balance between accidents and rules through the object-making process.

Her interest in exploring these three fields has merged through the design and making of daily functional objects as bridges.

Anahita’ s artistic research currently revolves around the relationship between emotions and sensorial bodily experiences and the tangible elements of objects, textures, sounds, and spaces. Having studied architecture at the Art University of Tehran and pursued a master’s in industrial design at Iran University of Science and Technology, she has enriched her extensive industry experience as an architect and product designer through her craft practice by pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at Alberta University of the Arts. She continuously strives to push the boundaries of her craft and design objects.

Camille Betts

Camille Betts is a sculptor and installation artist who graduated from AuArts with a BFA in sculpture and attended Toronto’s Canadian Film Center in 2009 for an Interactive Arts and Entertainment residency.

She exhibited her handmade paper installations extensively in Calgary between 2008-2019 and has most recently shown her installations at Shambhala Music Festival where she is managing the Grove Art Gallery for 2024. Volunteering for a variety of festival art departments became a big part of her art practice, inspiring her to move into new mediums for the ever-growing body of work. The last five years took Camille to BC to grow a family business and have time to reflect as an artist. She is now re-emerging and ready to build a new body of work with more permanent materials for outdoor public sculptures.

Ronald Carmichael

Ronald graduated AUAD in 1980 and 1990. He spent the next twenty odd years in improvisation with the Loose Moose Theatre and mask performance with masQuirx performance group. Now retired he is able spend his time on his painting projects.

Ronald has always been a fan of abstract expression. One of the biggest problems with spontaneous expression is how to relate the energy of the painting to the rigidity of the square/rectangular painting frame. For this purpose he has been creating a free form surrounding painting surface. Finding that instead of painting from the middle to the edge, the forces him to look at it differently. Painting from the edge to the centre. He is even exploring the idea of making the painting surface more 3dimensional. His hope is that this residency will stretch his work just a bit more. Pun intended.

Ciza Zoya

Ciza, is a photographer and Visual storyteller, who recently moved to Calgary in December 2021 from Kerala, India.

With a solid foundation in arts and design, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from TKM College of Engineering in Kerala and a Master’s degree in Arts Management from Cattolica University in Milan, Italy.

Drawing inspiration from her rich roots and deep connection to the traditions of Kerala, India, Ciza’s artistic journey revolves around sharing narratives, particularly those of being a newcomer Indian woman adapting to a Western environment. She uses photos, installations, and performance art to connect with the audience and explore the nuances of life in this unfamiliar environment. Through her art, she invites people to experience and understand different cultures and perspectives.

Jinger Zeng

Jinger Zeng is a multi-disciplinary creator, a curious traveler and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Chengdu of Southwest China, Jinger’s journey has led her far from home, where she roams the world, seeking wisdom from diverse communities and makerspaces to refine her craft in design methodologies and technological innovations.

Currently pursuing her master’s degree in “Design for Distributed Innovation,” she delves into the intricacies of design, technology, ecosystems, and communities, with a goal of contributing to interspecies wellbeing and planetary restoration. Her interests are diverse, ranging from her fascination with embedded electronics, particularly wearables, to her genuine desire to preserve culture through unconventional means. 

During the residency, Jinger’s creative endeavors revolve around bridging tradition and modernity through her efforts to crafting blinky LED Chinese opera costumes—blending ancient artistry and modern technology. Her aspiration to connect the East and the West extends beyond her creations as she also organizes STEAM workshops and activities to empower the youth and foster their curiosity and creativity. Her love for theatre arts and commitment to social inclusivity inspire her to dedicate designs and practices to promote unity and understanding.

Christy Herdman

Christy Herdman (she/her) is a compassionate, creative spirit—both problem solver and artist—a fun-loving, kid-at-heart and a certified art therapist. Christy uses creativity as a therapeutic tool to enhance emotional well-being, facilitating workshops that meld creativity and therapeutic techniques to teach psychoeducational concepts. Intertwining audience participation and mindful engagement—Christy introduces the public to art activations that move beyond passive viewers to active participants. Previous art activations include Bug Hunt (Beakerhead), Let It Blow (Chinook Blast), Glimmers (Night Light), and  Warm Fuzzy Challenge (Chinook Blast).

Christy’s work intentionally embraces a handmade/DIY aesthetic to invite both curiosity and interaction. She aims to share her sense of wonder through imaginative, child-centric art. Her minimalist design style is both captivating and introduces a sense of play, offering an easy entry point for audiences to explore mental health concepts in greater depth. The graphic designer in her is drawn to incorporating symbols and shapes to convey a message clearly and concisely. Inspired by natural environments (both real and imagined), Christy aims to connect with both kids and kids-at-heart, to draw them into the liminal space. The driving force behind her creative process is to cultivate a more compassionate community by sharing art-based practices that enhance mental well-being.

Fadi Alkhouri

Fadi graduated from Damascus University in 1991 with a degree in fine arts. His artistic background encompasses professional sculpting in stone and wood carving, as well as painting on canvas. Additionally, he has experience in iron artwork, welding, and creating murals on walls and canvas. Throughout his career, he has participated in several exhibitions in Syria and Lebanon, including several individual shows. Receiving rewards from the Syrian governor for his work and has several participation certificates.

One of his notable achievements was the installation of his sculpture in the town square, chosen by the governor. This statue is 320 cm high and its title woman in Palmyra made from local marble, was displayed in Palmera City, a historical place in Syria.  He has created more than 5oo pieces of artwork in his career. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, he had to leave his country and his workshop, where he had dedicated a significant portion of his life to honing his artistic skills.

Now residing in Calgary, Alberta, Fadi is actively building his capacity and portfolio in his new home. Fadi is enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue pursuing a career in artwork. Participating in public art projects in Calgary is a goal he hopes to achieve. He aspires to create a distinctive style. and a large sculptural work of art in Calgary.

In March 2023 he became a member of fuse 33.  April 6 – 31 ,2024  { ICAI } his art work is on display at the Calgary central library.

Our Artist in Residency Exhibit is coming up. The open house with the artists is on June 26, 2024 at 6pm.

Tours and Exhibit only is happening June 27-28 2024 (during Fuse hours).

Winter 2022/2023 Artist In Residency

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