Artist In Residency Sponsorship Program

The “Artist in Residency” program provides opportunities for Artists to develop new disciplines that enhance their portfolio.

-This program is sponsored by IAACC in partnership with FUSE33 Makerspace.

As a selected “Artist In Residence”, you will receive a full three month membership and one certification workshop at FUSE 33 at no cost to you.

As an “Artist In Resident”, you are asked to:

  • Acknowledge IAACC’s sponsorship on your website and art exhibits during the residency
  • Exhibit your art in an IAACC & FUSE33 hosted exhibition
  • Complete a survey and a short summary of your experience in the program
  • Provide photographs of your work for use on IAACC’s website
  • Permit IAACC to list you as a current “Artist in Residence” on the organization’s website
  • Accept IAACC’s terms and conditions agreement
  • At the end of the residency, 1 artist is selected as IAACC Resident Artist. To learn more, visit our Resident Artist Page.

Applications for the Spring 2024 NOW OPEN Applications close March 15, 2024

Winter 2024 Artists in Residency Sponsorship Program Recipients

Mackenzie Bedford

Self-taught in projection mapping, Mackenzie Bedford (they/them) has pursued the medium since participating in the cSPACE Artist Incubator in 2021. Since
then, they have collaborated with creators in theatre, dance, and music to blend projection and performance in a variety of settings. They also create their
own installations with projection, offering contemplative or celebratory spaces for audiences to engage with.

To find more projection mapping friends in Calgary, Bedford created MAPPERZ, a projection mapping club, in 2022. Enjoying 250 Instagram followers and 50 newsletter subscribers after a year of its inception, this small but mighty community is making its mark on walls and windows in the city.
Other ways to find Bedford: animating an independent sci fi short; painting murals across Alberta; or at their local market offering hand-printed prints and apparel.
Their visual influences stem from growing up as a closeted queer kid in a small town, using an unbridled, early 2000s internet connection to connect, explore and escape. Unsurprisingly, they still find themselves chronically online.
Off-duty, they are picking up the art of burlesque and costume-making!

Sharina Fong

Sharina Fong was born in a small town in BCS, MEXICO, with
Architecture and Art studies, she has held 17 individual exhibitions and 32 collective as well as she has been selected in the biennials: International Biennial of Pintura México and at the Pérez Romo Biennial, in 2017 she is the winner of the First Place of the annual MFM Contest with the theme “Mexico is Great”, in 2020 she was the winner
of the international Artbattle competition in Calgary Canada, Founder of the Collective
Mexican Women Artist in Canada.

Sharina Fong incorporates vibrant colors from her culture and the symbolism of Mexico,
she is creating a visual experience that goes beyond the surface. The use of symbolic
elements to hide from the human gaze adds an intriguing layer of complexity, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the meanings and hidden messages within her artwork. This interaction between the visible and the hidden stimulates curiosity and encourages contemplation, making her art an invitation to explore beyond the obvious.
By using these symbols to guide viewers toward contemplating deeper, you foster a more committed and reflective interaction with your job.
Her art not only celebrates the beauty of Mexico but also serves as a vehicle
to explore the cultural, emotional and intellectual dimensions of it.

Harjit Gill

With a distinguished career spanning two decades in the corporate realm, I have dedicated my professional journey to the realm of finance, serving as a seasoned accountant for various charitable organizations in the vibrant city of Calgary. Holding
the esteemed position of Director of Finance, I have been instrumental in navigating the financial landscapes of entities committed to making a positive impact in our community.

Beyond the world of spreadsheets and financial statements, I find profound solace in my spiritual practices.

Grounded in the transformative rituals of meditation and yoga, I have delved into the ancient teachings that transcend the hustle of the corporate world. These practices not only center me but also infuse my approach to life with a deeper sense of purpose and
Recently, my journey has taken an exciting turn as I discovered the profound power of sacred geometry. Drawn to the timeless allure of ancient patterns, I am now on a creative quest to channel these resonant symbols into art that speaks to the spirit of today’s world. Through my creations, I aim to bridge the gap between the ancient and the contemporary, offering a visual language that connects with people on a profound level.
In my pursuit of artistic expression, I am fueled by a passion to weave together the threads of spirituality, corporate experience, and the timeless elegance of sacred geometry. Each stroke of my artistic endeavors is an invitation to explore the harmonious intersection of tradition and modernity, inviting others to join me on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the universal language of the soul.
Join me as I embark on this exciting chapter, where finance meets spirituality, and ancient wisdom finds a vibrant canvas in the art of sacred geometry.

Kenzie Housego

Multidisciplinary artist Kenzie Housego’s practice includes textiles, embroidery, new-media, and assemblage mediums. The use of technology such as LEDs, Arduino micro-controllers, texting, and screens within her research is

symbolic of the virtual realms in which we participate as a society. Her recent series “I❤️U” combines craft and technology to explores contemporary courtship, technology, and historical signs and signifiers connected to dating and romance. Housego’s artwork often offers an invitation for interactivity, encouraging viewers to shift from passive observers to active co-producers as they engage with the digital media, experiencing other points of view, and ultimately forming their own individual meanings.

Housego holds an MFA from the University of Calgary and a BFA from the Alberta University of the Arts. She has exhibited her art nationally and internationally, notably at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, CURRENTS festival, Santa Fe New Mexico, and Curiosity Festival, Dublin Ireland.

Mitra Samavaki

Mitra Samavaki (she/her) is an Iranian visual artist currently based in Calgary, Canada. She holds a BFA in Sculpture from Tehran University of Art and has recently received her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Calgary.

Mitra’s artistic focus centers primarily on photography, occasionally incorporating installation and video elements. Photography, for her, is not only a journey of self-exploration but also a bridge that intimately connects her with both people and the world around her. Having relocated to Canada in 2021, Mitra’s current artistic practices are deeply rooted in the themes of home, displacement, and in-betweenness, reflecting her personal journey as an immigrant.
With over a decade of experience, she has a background as a photojournalist for various news agencies, newspapers, and magazines in Iran. This experience has instilled in her a profound appreciation for the power of photography for telling stories and creating awareness.
Mitra’s work has been presented in exhibitions at venues such as Contemporary Calgary, +15 Galleries, Nickle Galleries, the Art Gallery of Alberta, The Alberta Society of Artists, the Calgary
Central Library, and Wild Skies Art Gallery. She has been awarded an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Graduate Scholarship and has received the 2023 InFocus Photo Emerging Photographer Award.

Saloni Sharma

Saloni is an Interior Designer and Visual Artist from India and is passionate about experimenting with diverse mediums and techniques. Since moving to Calgary, she actively participates in community initiatives, using art as a catalyst for community development. During the pandemic, Saloni dedicated time to her artwork and began sharing her skills online with immigrant women’s groups,

fostering connection, skill-building, and healing through weekly art sessions. She has also conducted numerous in-person workshops for individuals of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring them to incorporate art into their lives.

Winter 2022/2023 Artist In Residency

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