Resident Artist Program

The Resident Artist program is a 6 week program that further strengthens the artists instruction abilities, promotes their passion and shares their abilities with the community.

Stemming from the Artist in Residency Program, one artist is selected from the A.I.R Program to develop and instruct free workshops for the community at large to learn & enjoy.

The workshops will take place 3 times per year throughout Greater Forest Lawn. Led by IAACC’s Resident Artist, you could learn- how to express yourself through art or develop a new technique.

Follow IAACC social media or check back here to learn when the next workshops will take place.

Resident Artists

KC Bae

KC Bae’s (they/them) work explores the concept of perishability as related to our human experiences, the artefacts we encounter, and our physical bodies. Every portrait is perishable – the only difference being the time-horizon used to measure its existence. By compressing that time horizon down to a handful of days, we can explore a new relationship between the audience and the art.

All art on display is made with 100% edible ingredients and baked from scratch. 

Using an iterative and mathematical approach, KC takes meticulous measurements and develops recipes and techniques. Cookies with royal icing, or cakes with fondant are used as “canvases’’. The “paints” are made from scratch using all natural and edible ingredients such as coffee, raspberries, and butterfly pea flowers. Making portraits of raspberry lips, chocolate hair, and floral eyes – KC aims to make portraits of subjects who are then directed to eat their own faces.

Nikhil Joshi

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, the rich physical and cultural landscape of my hometown has been a wellspring of inspiration for my creative endeavors. My academic and professional background in health, energy sciences, and environmentalism has equipped me with a unique perspective that informs my artistic approach. I strive to take a holistic view of artistic creation, drawing from my diverse experiences and knowledge to infuse my work with depth and meaning.

My artistic journey is marked by a spirit of experimentation and a thirst for knowledge. I’m not bound by any specific medium; instead, I work with virtually anything I can get my hands on. This openness to diverse materials and techniques allows me to continuously learn and evolve as an artist. I believe that creativity knows no boundaries, and I embrace the opportunity to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of conventional artistic expression.

In my practice, I produce contemporary expressionist pieces that incorporate a wide range of materials, including acrylics, oils, wood, fabric, and various mixed media. My work is driven by the desire to create art that prompts moments of reflection and connection. I aim to tap into the intrinsic qualities of the materials available to me, forging a dialogue between the physical world and the artistic realm. Through this process, I hope to inspire viewers to engage with their surroundings in a fresh and contemplative way, appreciating the beauty and significance of the everyday.

March 2023 Healing through Memories ~ Resident Artist Hanieh Jalali